1 Timothy 4: 12 Things You’ve Felt If You Went to Northeast-A’s RYC

Shasha/ June 15, 2017/ News

1) Tired. God knows what time you woke up. It’s ok, you took a nap in the car.

2) PUMPED once you saw your best friend.

3) Mindblown once, Session 1 speaker Jerard said, “We must be broken in order to be shared.” #BuildTheCityOfGod


4) When PA Basketball won by ONE point. 

 5) Satisfied. Those brownies at lunch were to die for. 😀

6) When the Poetry Slam rhymes are fire. #FlamesOfGlory

7) Thankful for all the talent in Northeast-A.

8) Session 2 by Katie reminded us that it means more to be faithful than successful. Sharers Ima and Seth taught us “it is one thing to rid of a sin, but another to obtain a virtue.” 

9) Being prayed over by your couple coordinators.

10) Surrender during Praisefest, lifting our sufferings to God. 

11) You voted for Father’s more embarrassing story. After you heard it, no regrets.

12) Grateful. For all the hard work and heart work the service team did for RYC.