We are a young community of believers, a ministry of Couples For Christ Global Mission Foundation, filled with the vibrancy and conviction of the Spirit, eager to answer the call to do one thing—spread the love of Christ.

We and CFC want to see families in the Holy Spirit renewing the face of the earth. We are in mission with CFC to build the church of the home and the church of the poor.

We are young people being and bringing Christ wherever we are.


CFC Youth is guided by the principle of four Fs:

FUN: Being young means having fun. We promote and support the dynamism of the youth’s thirst to enjoy life by empowering them to live it to the fullest. We encourage good, clean fun.

FRIENDSHIP: This is the time of their lives when the youth begin to form lasting relationships with their peers. We encourage friendship among young people, enabling them to see God in each and every individual they encounter. The community allows the youth to experience new things, to learn, and to grow with friends.

FREEDOM: One can barely contain the enthusiasm of a spirit. Within the CFC Youth community, the youth experience freedom from sins, from insecurities, and from difficulties in the past, as well as the freedom to express love and to become the individuals that God meant for us to be.

FAITH: None of the three can be fully experienced without faith in God. In CFC Youth, we teach the Catholic faith that the youth may better appreciate the abundant blessings they receive in their lives.


I am a CFC Youth, therefore I am…

a MISSIONARY. The deepest desire of my heart is to proclaim His glory. God calls me to evangelize His word. And I will walk till the ends of the earth to  make Him known. I will be the strength of my brothers and sisters. I will be patient to those who have no time to listen. I will help them carry their cross even if I’m already struggling for my own.

a MODEL OF EXCELLENCE. Cheating is not worth my reputation. I strive for finesse. I aim for excellence and I work for it. I am disciplined focus and driven. I fight ignorance and seek for knowledge. I explore all my capabilities and maximize my potentials. I believe that this world is full of hidden mysteries waiting for my discovery. I am fated to succeed in my chosen field. I excel  in my studies but remains outstanding in my service. I use my talents and skills to serve my Master. I give Him back the glory. I will forever be His instrument.

a CHAMPION OF THE POOR. I am selfless. I open my hearts and hands to those in need. I listen to the cry of the less fortunate, the unheard voice of the poor. I treat them equally and fairly. I care for them and value their existence. I protect their dignity. I respect them for they deserve to be respected. I share to them the privileged of being love. They are worth the love of my God, and they have all the right to know it.

a PATRIOT. I am proud of my race and nationality. I love my country for I know this is where my God wants me to celebrate His glory. I refuse to blame the government for its current situation. I am part of the problem and so as the solution. I strive to contribute something to make it a better place. I work for the betterment of my fellowmen.I shield them from abuse and discrimination.

100% FREE. I walk in the sane and wholesome path of chastity.I consider my body the temple of my soul. I won’t defile it for it means tarnishing my spirit. I am not cynical about love. I don’t play game on the seriousness of its affection. I believe that real love waits.If it means I have to sacrifice then so be it. I keep my mind open but pure. I show it through my words and my actions.I despise the thought of evil and reject lustful ideas that poison my mind. I am pure in heart. I denounce selfish ambitions, violence and abuse in any form. I prefer the road less traveled even if it means being alone. I am unmoved by the overpowering influence of the crowd. I protect my future and I say no to alcohol drugs and other vices that could harm my being.

SINGLE-MINDED FOR GOD. I am living a God-centered life.I surrender to His will. I don’t question His plans on my life. I trust rather than doubt. I allow Him to fulfill His purpose in me. I strive to live my life the way He lived His.

the SOURCE OF UNITY IN MY FAMILY.  Evangelization starts at home. I serve God by serving my family. I make sure that communication is always open. I strive to understand rather than to be understood. I talk less and listen more. I protect unity and oness. I respect my parents and love my siblings.