Jerard Staromana/ August 22, 2017/ Upcoming Events

Brothers and Sisters! We will be having Youth Power on September 9th, 2017 at the Community Food Bank of New Jersey! (31 Evans Terminal Hillside, NJ 07205)We will be at the Food Bank at 11:30AM – 1:30PM.  However, we need to send in a list of people who are coming to the Food Bank. So please kindly fill out the form below to confirm that you are going! More details to follow very soon. DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS THURSDAY AUGUST 24TH AT MIDNIGHT! More details to follow so keep an eye out! God Bless and enjoy the rest of your summer!


In Christ,
Jard Staromana

Youth Power is a whole-day activity, given in a YFC member’s first year. It focuses on YFC’s response to the social dimension of the gospel, which is to love others, especially the poor. It brings awareness to the youth that this is part of our expression of our love for God.

This event will give a clear understanding of how we can deepen our desire and passion in serving the poor. It will also help us to grow further in our love for God. Through the social dimension of His mission for us, it will enable us to fully put our faith into action.